As a homeowner, having a nice and attractive lawn means a lot.

First, it is something any homeowner can be proud of and strive for in terms of care, curb appeal and general cleanliness. Not only does a well-manicured lawn get the attention of your neighbors and passersby, but it also provides an aesthetic environment that can be enjoyed by your family and friends.

Like anything else in life, taking care of and curating a healthy lawn involves a plan. Different seasons require different approaches, especially if you live in metro Detroit and are at the mercy of four different seasons and weather patterns.

A winter season feels helpless for most homeowners, and that’s because it basically is when it comes to lawn care. You take it easy and save the hard work for spring when lawn requires an intense focus to rehabilitate the lawn in a post-winter climate. Even so, the lawn may suffer some more in the summer due to hot temperatures and drier climates in the summer. Once fall rolls around, you are again preparing your lawn for the winter.

We at Tocco Mannino Landscaping offer a variety of residential and commercial lawn and turf services. From mid-April to mid-November, we offer weekly lawn services that include mowing, edging, trimming, and cleaning up hard surface areas. Have a brown, sickly-looking lawn? No worries. We can aid in rehabilitation or a complete renovation. Options range from over-seeding and top-dressing to aeration and thatching.

There are simple things you can do (or, in some cases not do) at home that will help you in your quest for the perfect lawn. For one, don’t mow your lawn too short as it weakens the foundation and may negatively impact roots. Adhere to the one-third rule of cutting, or mow 2 inches at a time.

Other tips involve feeding and water. That is, employing liquid feeds and tonics rather than granular fertilizers for better plant absorption. Due to a large amount of moisture in the soil during the spring, don’t water more than an inch per week. Over-watering your lawn will only drown roots while encouraging weed growth. And, of course, be wary of pests and insects ruining your hard work. They tend to emerge in the spring, once the temperatures get warmer and come in different varieties.

Sound complicated? Our experts can help you with any lawn problem you might have, or if your lawn is already satisfactory but you want to make it even better and keep it in tip top shape. Call us today for a quote or consultation and prepare for the next season before it’s too late.