The experts at Tocco Mannino offer a full array of residential and commercial horticulture services to Metro Detroit.

Upkeep of garden beds including weeding, trimming, cultivation of soil and bed edging is important. We can also help with weed preventer and Hollytone slow release granular fertilizer applied in the spring and re-applied throughout the season to ensure the health of your plants. We always recommend a 2”- 3” layer of mulch. Garden maintenance typically begins in April and continues through November.

All programs are tailored to your specific landscape needs with the goal of keeping your plants healthy and vigorous.

We know that these services are an investment. Our team takes pride in serving our customers with the utmost level of quality and service. Your landscaping will wow your friends and family and increase your property value.

Our horticulture services include:

  • Garden Maintenance Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly

  • Garden Bed Mulching

  • Fertilization

  • Annual Flowers & Flower Pot Displays

  • Spring & Fall Cleanup

  • Plant Health Care

  • Evergreen & Deciduous Shrub Pruning

  • Pest Control


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