• Fertilizer Programs

  • Lawn Care Programs

    Consist of six applications: 

    Spring Application 
    A balanced fertilizer with non-staining crabgrass preventive

    Early Summer Application 
    A custom blend of a 0 phosphorus, slow release fertilizer along with weed and insect controls were needed.

    Summer Application 
    During the hot stressful days of summer we apply slow release low nitrogen, phosphorus free fertilizer along with spot weed control and insect applications based on your individual lawns needs at the time of application.

    Late Summer 
    This application is comprised of the same custom blended fertilizer as our summer application and at this time of the year helps your turf recover from the harsh summer heat and helps to reduce the number of pesky weeds and insects.

    Early Fall 
    The cooler temperatures of the fall allow us to apply a heavy application of phosphorus free, slow release nitrogen fertilizer, which provides your lawn a deeper green color and improves the health and density during this time of the year. This is also the best time to apply weed control, weeds are ready to over winter and begin to store carbohydrates in their root systems, by applying herbicide this time of the year in most cases we can lessen the number of weeds that will be present the next spring. 

    Late Fall Winterizer
    This Time of the year we apply a quick release fertilizer that your lawn will store and use in the for a quick spring green up. 

  • Plant Health Care Programs

    Programs are tailored to your specific landscape needs to keep your plants healthy and vigorous

    Call to set up an appointment with one of our specialists to get you on the right program

  • Exterior Pest Control Program

    Reduce the number of crawling insects around the outside of your home, spiders, ants, etc. 

  • (All pesticide applications are applied by Marshall Landscape (313) 885-7272