Thoroughly water EVERYTHING today!
    TREES, SHRUBS, PERENNIALS, and ANNUALS: On the day of installation, saturate the ground a couple of times around each tree, shrub, or flower. This may take several gallons of water for each plant.
    Water new trees and shrubs every other day for 30 minutes in Mid-Spring, Late Spring, or early Fall, and at least 1 hour in Summer months (June, July, and August). If using Soaker hoses, increase watering times to 4-5 hours. Early morning is best, and try not to water between 10am and 4pm unless plants are wilting, because the high sun angle may burn the wet plants. Reduce watering if we get significant rainfall or cooler weather. Reduce watering if soil becomes saturated and does not drain properly.
    Water this way for the first month after plants are installed. After this “acclimation period” your new plants will be forging roots into surrounding soil, and you may reduce watering to 2-3 times a week. If your plants are installed in Summer, you may need to keep up a daily or every-other-day schedule until cooler Fall weather arrives.
    NOTE: In very hot weather, or under drought conditions (i.e. no rain for 2 weeks or more) you may need to water daily, and/or for longer periods to maintain even soil moisture!!
    PERENNIALS and ANNUALS: Follow the above instructions, but increase frequency to DAILY watering for the first month or more. Smaller plants (in general) dry out faster, and will exhibit wilt symptoms quickly.
    SOD: Water DAILY for 1.5-2 hours in the morning. If the area receives full sun, is installed in Summer months, is on a slope with good drainage, or starts to yellow and feel dry or brittle, double the watering time. After the sod is established, decrease watering to 1 hour 2-3 times a week for the remainder of the season. Reduce watering at any time if the sod remains “sopping wet”.